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Cat Carrier Tips

Cat Carrier Tips
January 2, 2021

Acclimate your cat for a stress free veterinary visit with these positive training tips.

  1. Cat carriers come in a variety of sizes, styles, and textures. The general rule is it should be large enough for the pet, convenient for you to carry, easy to place your cat inside, and secure once closed. Place a towel that has your pet’s scent on it in the carrier. Consider spraying Feliway on the towel or in the carrier to help keep your cat calm.
  2. If your cat already has an aversion to the carrier it is best to have it out, opened and nearby. While the cat is at rest use a towel or blanket to wrap, and scoop him or her gently but swiftly and lower hind end first into the carrier. CLOSE THE DOOR.
  3. To acclimate a kitten or cat to the carrier it helps to have a series of positive experiences. Leave the carrier out and open with comfortable bedding, favorite toys and occasionally a cat treat inside. Allow the cat to be in and out at will. You should close the door and move the carrier for short time frames. Always remain calm yourself as this is calming for your pet.
  4. Remember when transporting that you have live cargo. Avoid swinging or upending the crate when handling so as not to harm or alarm your cat.
  5. When you arrive at the veterinary hospital, place your cat on an elevated surface whenever possible-avoid placing the carrier on the floor.