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PennHIP Evaluations 

Ensure your dog's hips are healthy

Certified Hip dysplasia is a very common disease, sometimes seen in specific breeds. Penn HIP Certification has been shown to be the most reliable indicator of future hip osteoarthritis. In order to ensure only the best dogs are used for breeding, passing on their healthy hips, we offer Penn HIP Certification.

In order to certify your dog’s hips, we will need to quickly anesthetize or sedate your pet for radiographs (x-rays). In addition to traditional hip-extended radiographs, we use a special device to hold your pet in position and retract the legs/hips in order to produce radiographs that will allow radiologists to measure the displacement of the femur in your pets’ hips (Compression and Distraction radiographs). These measurements (Distraction Index – or DI) provide a way to predict hip laxity, dysplasia, and osteoarthritis. The lower the DI, the tighter the hips.

For more information, ask your us, or visit www.pennhip.org.

PennHIP Evaluations