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The Euthanasia Procedure

Saying goodbye.

We understand that saying goodbye to your pet is not easy. 

  • One of our technicians will explain the procedure to you before they begin. Don’t hesitate to ask for further explanation or clarification if needed.
  • Small to medium-size pets are usually placed on a table for the procedure, but larger dogs may be more easily handled on the floor. Regardless of the location, we will make sure that your pet has a comfortable blanket or bed to lie on.
  • One of our licensed veterinary technicians will perform the procedure. We place an intravenous catheter as the injection must be given directly into a vein. If your pet is nervous or anxious you may ask ahead of time for a sedative to help calm him or her. A sedative injection is usually given in the rear leg muscle and will take effect in about 5 to 10 minutes. Your pet will become very drowsy allowing the procedure to be less stressful.
  • The euthanasia agent is a powerful anesthetic which quickly causes unconsciousness and then gently stops the heartbeat. Your technician will draw the correct dose of the drug into a syringe and then inject it into the catheter in the leg. The injection is not painful to your pet.
  • Once the IV injection is given, your pet will become completely unconscious within a few seconds, and death will occur within a few minutes or less.
  • Your technician will use a stethoscope to confirm that your pet’s heart has stopped.
  • Your pet may experience some muscle twitching and intermittent breathing for several minutes after death has occurred. Your pet may also release the bladder or bowels. These events are normal and should not be cause for alarm.
  • After the technician has confirmed that your pet has passed, they will ask if you would like to have a few final minutes alone with your pet. You may leave your pet when you are ready.
  • If you would like a snippet of hair from your pet please ask.
Pet Euthanasia